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Alexandra Eldridge,  

Born of artist parents, received her BA in Art and literature at Ohio University. She then continued her education at Cambridge University, England, Santa Reparata Graphic Workshop in Florence, Italy, Penland College, and most recently The Photographer’s Formulary in Montana. She co-founded an establishment for the arts, Golgonooza, based upon the philosophies of William Blake. She has had over forty solo shows, and has participated in many group shows throughout the U.S., as well as many international exhibitions.

She has exhibited in Paris, London, Belgrade, Ljubljana, New York, California, and Santa Fe. Alexandra has been commissioned to paint murals in the Place de Vosges, Paris, and her work has been used for the cover of twenty four books of poetry. Traveling, as an important part of her inspiration has led her to artist’s residencies on the Island of Elba, Italy, and the Valparaiso Foundation in Almeria, Spain.Art News, Art LTD, Art On Paper, New American Painting, and One Hundred Painter’s of the Southwest are just a few of the publications Alexandra has been featured in. Her work can be found in the collections of William Hurt, Steve Buscemi, and Edie Falco, along with many other prestigious collections.



Alexandra Eldridge Gallery “The Radiant Tarot” Santa Fe ,NM
G2 Gallery “Alexandra Edridge” Santa Fe, NM
Nüart Gallery “A Kinship with All Things” Santa Fe, NM
2019 Majestic Galleries “One Must Pass Inward” Nelsonville, OH
Nüart Gallery “The Land of Dreams is Better Far”, Santa Fe, NM
  Nüart Gallery “To Open the Eternal Worlds”, Santa Fe, NM

2014  The San Francisco Gallery “How to Teach a Soul to Fly”, San Francisco, CA
2013  NuArt Gallery “Meetings With My Daemons”, Santa Fe, NM
2011  NuArt Gallery “The Art of Wandering”, Santa Fe, NM
2010  Chisholm Gallery “Alexandra Eldridge: Beyond the Corners of the Known World”, Lenox, MA
Victoria Price Fine Art and Design “We Are Here So Lightly, Santa Fe, NM
2008  Julie Baker Fine Art, “Entrance into Plentitude” Nevada City, CA
Chaos Gallery, “Man Has No Body Distinct From His Soul” Belgrade, Serbia
2007  Weber Fine Art, “Light Came Running After Me” Scarsdale, NY
2006  Julie Baker Fine Art, “Tell Me Something Astonishing” Nevada City, CA
2005  George Billis Gallery LA, “And This I Have Dreamed” Los Angeles, CA
Lee Weber Fine Art, “We are Hardly Ever at Home” Scarsdale, NY
2004  Julie Baker Fine Art, “Grant me Beauty” Grass Valley, CA
Turner Carroll Gallery, “Love Each Other or Perish” Santa Fe, NM


Westminster Permanent Collection,  Pittsburgh, PA

Elvis Duran, New York, NY
The Hirsch Fine Art Collection,  Santa Fe, NM

Cartier Strauss Collection,  London, UK
SBB-Cable Network of Serbia,  Belgrade, Serbia
Chaos Gallery, Belgrade,  Serbia
Sally Bingham,  Santa Fe, NN
Claude & Katherine Blanklette,  El Paso, TX
Steve Buscemi & Jo Andres,  New York, NY
Paul & Elissa Cahn,  St. Louis, MO
Peter & Charron Denker,  Dallas, TX
Steve Dunn, Los Angeles,  CA
Michael & Leslie Engl,  Sun Valley, ID
Edie Falco,  New York, NY
Jose Gonzales,  Mexico City, Mexico
Helen & Brian Heekin,  Cincinnati, OH
William Hurt,  New York, NY
Alexander & Bettina Millikin,  Santa Fe, NM
Mary Riebold,  New York, NY
Denise Roberge,  Palm Desert, CA
Jean Rouff,  Paris, France
J. McDonald Williams,  Dallas, TX
Mark Zaplin,  Santa Fe, NM


Whittier College, LA, Artist in Residence, The Center for the Collaboration Among the Arts
2001  Valparaiso Foundation Almeria, Spain
2000  Hermitage of Santa Caterina, Artist Residency Isola d’Elbe, Italy
1999  Place des Vosges Paris, France
Villa Roccazia St. Tropez, France
The Photographers Formulary, Daguerreotype Workshop Montana Santa Fe Institute of Fine Art
Master Class with Elizabeth Murray Santa Fe
New Mexico Santa Reparata Graphic Workshop Florence, Italy
The Finishing School Great Neck, New York Penland College Penland, North Carolina


Slate Gray Gallery “Women of the Faraway” Telluride, CO
2019 Slate Gray Gallery “Mosaic” Telluride, CO
2019 Julia Martin Gallery “I Dreamed this Dream” Nashville, TN
2018 Slate Gray Gallery “Happily Ever After” Telluride, CO
2018 Miller Gallery “The Women’s Show” Cincinnati, OH
Building 98, “There is no Such Thing as the End”, Marfa, TX

2015  Axle Contemporary “Axle Indoors” Santa Fe, NM
Axle Contemporary “Renga Project” Santa Fe, NM
Friesen Gallery “FILTERED: What Does Love Look Like?” Sun Valley, ID
Russell Collection Fine Art “Femme”, Austin, TX

Diehl Gallery , Jackson , WY
WeDo Gallery , Bangkok, Thailand
2011  SKUC Gallery “City Of Women” Ljlublana, Slovenia
2010  Julie Baker Fine Art “Group Exhibition”, Nevada City, CA
Davidson Galleries “Winter Exhibition”, Seattle, WA
St. Pancras Church Crypt “ Lingering Whispers” London, England
2007  Garson Fine Art, “New Works” New York, NY
Aidan Savoy Gallery, “Clear Blue Sky” New York, NY



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Painting on Panels, Castillo di Spannochia, Sienna Italy
Drawing to See, Castillo di Spannocchia, Sienna, Italy
2004  The Photographers Formulary, Daguerreotype Workshop Montana
1995  Santa Fe Institute of Fine Art, Master Class with Elizabeth Murray
1992  Santa Reparata Graphic Workshop Florence, Italy
1987  The Finishing School Great Neck, New York
1986  Penland College Penland, North Carolina
1985-86  Apprenticeship with Printmaker Mary Manusos Athens, Ohio
1970  Cambridge University Cambridge, England
Ohio University, BA Athens, Ohio


My paintings emerge from a place where contradictions are allowed,
paradox reigns and reason is abandoned. My search is for the inherent
radiance in all things… the extraordinary in the ordinary.

As the process of painting parallels the movement of psyche, it helps
me to understand the world as a deeper reality. The rich soul
experiences of my life become tangible.

Each painting is a small acknowledgment of the inner life
that can perhaps reveal its own share of soul, and that share
of soul may connect to someone else’s share of soul.
Then perhaps beauty may be granted.

-Alexandra Eldridge


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Alexandra Eldridge Review, Jon Carver, Art Papers, Nov, 2007 (PDF version)

“If I ever can, I will be lining up with the crowd to ask for more pieces of her beautiful soul to come live in my house, among my children to urge them in some way to become more like the being that crafts them, to be inspired…In the center of the eye or in its corner. There are two tides, one of light and another of muffling, suffocating… absence. Alexandra is clearly in the light.”

William Hurtactor

Like her muse, the Romantic-era poet and painter William Blake, painter Alexandra Eldridge has developed her own vocabulary of symbols that are both mysterious and tender. There is much to love in this prolifically produced body of work…

Art NewsSeptember, 2002

Heightened States of Being, the primacy of feelings and the individual journey of the soul are the ascendant subjects of Alexandra's artistic discovery.

Michael GormleyAcrylic Artist Magazine

Alexandra Eldridge carries on a conversation with the eternal and essential through art. Her paintings oscillate between the visible and invisible worlds, suggesting a place on the periphery of knowledge - a poetic place; imagined and intuited but rarely seen.

Adam Fussartist